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Make Nine 2020

I made my Make Nine plans for 2020 quite a while ago, however January was a pretty hectic month so I haven’t had a chance to write about it until now.

Last year was the first time I made Make Nine plans and I didn’t complete many of my plans so this year I have made them more general.

My plans are primarily aimed at better utilising my existing pattern and fabric stash and building new skills. To elaborate:

  1. Selfless sewing item – I enjoy working on projects for others and there are a few patterns I would like to make for others including the Thread Theory Fairfield Shirt, so I decided to build this into my plans.
  2. New Release Pattern – Every year there always seems to be at least one pattern that I absolutely love so I included this in my plans to encourage me to actually try new patterns as they are released.
  3. Sewing Book Item – I chose this with the Named Clothing Breaking the Pattern book in mind which I received last year for my birthday. I love so many patterns in this book so I plan to make at least 1 item from this book.
  4. Embroidery Project – This year I started learning to embroider so I hope to complete at least 1 embroidery project this year.
  5. Trousers – I really want to learn to make trousers this year, I feel like I am ready for the challenge! I made this plan with the Closet Case Jenny Trousers in mind.
  6. Self drafted or pattern hack – Last year I managed to draft a lunchbox pattern myself and I would like to continue to design my own patterns and become more familiar with pattern drafting. I hope to become more comfortable with making adjustments, particularly doing an FBA on more items.
  7. Finish an abandoned project – I made this plan with the Sew Over It Eve Dress in mind. I have a few unfinished projects and I hate that I have never gotten around to completing them so I hope to go back and finish at least one of these.
  8. Refashion an existing item – I have a few items, particularly past makes that I don’t really get a lot of use out of so I would like to revisit them and refashion them into something that better suits my style.
  9. Big 4 pattern – I generally prefer to use Indie sewing patterns because they are usually have better instructions and I like to support smaller designers, however that hasn’t stopped me from accumulating a lot of Big 4 patterns which I rarely use. This year I would like to start using more of the Big 4 patterns in my stash so they don’t go to waste.

So far I have already completed item 1 as I made 2 plantain t-shirts for my sister for her birthday. However I would like to make more items for other people this year, and not just as gifts for special occasions. Below are the t-shirts I made for my sister in Jocelyn Proust Organic Cotton from Spotlight.

Plan 4 is also in progress as I have a small embroidery project that I am currently working on. I hope to have this completed by the end of February, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

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