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2019 Wrap Up

2019 was an interesting year for me, I think in a lot of ways it was quite a challenging year, but in saying that, there were a lot of positives.

In particular, I felt like my sewing improved significantly throughout the year and I learnt quite a bit. My proudest sewing achievement this year would have to be my TATB Eden Coat, which is the first coat I have ever made.

My 2019 Make Nine plans didn’t go particularly well. I only made 3 out of the 9 items I planned to make.

Neenah turtleneck – I managed to make 1 Neenah top in 2019, however I have several more cut out that I plan to make in 2020 when the weather starts to cool down.

Carolyn PJs – I made 3 pairs of PJ pants for myself in 2019 and 1 pair of shorts for my sister. I really like this pattern, and plan to make more in 2020. Whilst I did intend to make the top at least once, it seemed a waste to make it for myself because I would never wear it.

Floral Embroidered Dress – technically I made 3 of these in 2019. I initially made one identical to the Make Nine photo for my sister, however I don’t really think this counts towards my plans since I made it prior to setting my plans.

I also made one for my birthday out of a different floral embroidered fabric. This was made in the same style as the original photo but I lengthened the hem to be midi length.

The third I completed today to wear for tonight for New Years Eve celebrations. It was made in the same fabric as the original photo and , however I adapted the sleeves on the Moneta to be full length and wider so I could gather them in at the cuff. I am really happy with how this make turned out.

Although I didn’t complete all of my Make Nine plans, I am still happy with what I did achieve. I think that given it was the first time participating, I did alright. I am still keen to complete most of the projects on my list but a lot of them got pushed down the priority list with so many great patterns being released in 2019.

I am yet to come up with my 2020 Make Nine list, however I am excited and have lots of ideas, so watch this space!

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