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2020 Make Nine Review and 2021 Make Nine Plans

Wow it has been a long time since I have written a blog post! 2020 was certainly an interesting year for me as it was for everyone else in the world. I spent a period of time working from home which was actually great for my sewing, unlike what many people seemed to experience; without having to get ready in the morning and catch the bus to work I had so much more time and energy to work on projects!

I also started a new job in June which was very exciting for me, which coincidentally is when my blog seemed to take a back seat…

I am quite happy with the number makes I managed to get done in 2020 and I ticked off most of my Make Nine items. I think the drastic changes in what I was allowed to do really made me reflect on how I spend my time and resulted in me focussing a lot more on sewing.

Make Nine 2020

1. Selfless Sewing
I made a few things for other people in 2020 including t-shirts for my sister (Dear and Doe Plaintain T-shirt pattern) and pyjama pants for my partner (Thread Theory Eastwood Pyjamas).

2. New Pattern Release
I made the Sew Over It Hebden T-Shirt shortly after it was released as a standalone pattern.

3. Sewing Book item
Not completed in 2020.

4. Embroidery Project
I took up embroidery in 2020 and completed a floral embroidery kit from Spotlight.

5. Trousers
I made three pairs of trousers in 2020 using the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers pattern and the Closet Core Patterns Jenny Trousers pattern.

6. Self-drafted or Pattern Hack
I did quite a few pattern hacks and self-drafted pattern projects in 2020. Excluding alterations to patterns to improve fit, some of these projects included two sleeveless Christine Haynes Emery Dresses, a short sleeve, mock neck Seamwork Neenah top, Closet Core Patterns Carolyn shirt with pointed collar, Sew Over It Florence Dress with ruffle sleeve and neck ties and a self-drafted gathered skirt.

7. Finish an Abandoned Project
Not completed in 2020.

8. Refashion an Existing Item
I found that the embroidered Dani Pinafore I made in June 2019 and the self-drafted pleated houndstooth skirt I made in 2018 were never getting worn because they never felt quite right on so I decided to turn these into tight fitting mini skirts. The Dani Pinafore I simply cut off the bodice slightly above the waist seam, increased the darts and then folded the excess from the bodice over and stitched it down to create a mini skirt. For the houndstooth skirt, unpicked all of the seams and then used the remaining fabric to cut out a New Look 6107 skirt in Version E.

9. Big 4 Pattern
This plan was mildly successful. I didn’t really make many projects from Big 4 Patterns but I’m still counting this one as a win because of my refashion of the houndstooth skirt into the New Look 6107 skirt (pictured above).

Make Nine 2021

For my 2021 Make Nine I have chosen some plans which I think are challenging but achievable. I have again chosen general ideas rather than specific patterns since I found it more enjoyable to have some flexibility in my makes. I am hoping to tick off the plans that I didn’t complete in 2020 (Sewing Book Item, Finish an Abandoned Project) and challenge myself with some more complicated makes and things I have never tried to make before (Swimsuit, Mens shirt, Coat). I also hope to focus on sustainability in sewing by picking up abandoned projects and using patterns and fabric from my stash rather than buying new. I would also like to start some new embroidery projects and make some toys and clothing for my new Nephew!

Thank you for reading!

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