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Carolyn Pyjamas – Shirt Hack and Review

May has been quite a bit of a crazy month for me with the pandemic and work so I haven’t had a chance to blog much. Instead I’ve been sharing my makes on Instagram.

One of my most recent makes was a Carolyn Pyjamas shirt. I hacked the pattern by squaring the collar and grading in a few sizes at the waist to make it suitable as an everyday shirt instead of pyjamas. I also chose not to include piping or the cuffs.

I’ve made the pyjama pants from the pattern quite a few times and really love them, however this was the first time that I’ve used this pattern for the shirt.

I did find attaching the collar and facings a little confusing though because there was no facing for the back. I watched a sew along from Sew Sew Live which was really helpful and I figured it out eventually.

I used a navy and white dot rayon fabric from Spotlight which feels very light and breathable. I also used Timber & Wood wooden buttons from Spotlight. I love how this shirt turned out, it is so comfortable and I would definitely consider this to be secret pyjamas! I am definitely planning to make many more!

Also an update on Me Made May 2020 – I chose not to participate this year because I was working from home in May due to COVID-19 restrictions (primarily in pyjamas 😬) so there wasn’t a lot of variety in the makes I was wearing. I did try to think of a pledge that I could make but felt like committing to Me Made May this year would have been stressful more than anything. I’m looking forward to participating next year though!

Thanks for reading!

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