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Thread Theory Eastwood Pajamas

As part of my Make Nine 2020 plans I committed to making more selfless sewing items. I already completed this plan in January with the Plantain t-shirts I made for my sister (in my January Make Nine 2020 post). This month I made another selfless sewing item, the Thread Theory Eastwood Pajamas for my partner.

I really enjoyed making this pattern, I found the pattern instructions easy to follow and they were quite a quick project. I used a leaf print rayon from Spotlight because my partner really liked how the fabric felt on a pair of rayon pants I own and wanted a pair of his own made from rayon.

I chose to make the simplest version with no front fly or front fly detail because my partner said he didn’t want it, but I like that these options are provided. I included the side seam pockets and added 2 back pockets instead of 1.

I really liked this pattern, I find Thread Theory patterns are well written and the pattern pieces are well designed. I like the mens pattern options and find that they fit my partner well.

Whilst I didn’t use these for this particular pattern, I found when making the Fairfield Shirt that the supporting resources on their website are also well written and very helpful, they go through both beginner skills as well as more complicated skills. I never ended up finishing the Fairfield shirt though.

I would like to make more of these pants, I think these will be a good way to use a lot of quilting cotton that I bought and never used when I started sewing. I would also like to crop these and see if I can make boxer shorts which would be a good stash buster if it works!

Overall I would highly recommend this pattern! I hope to make more Thread Theory patterns, I like that they specialise in mens patterns because I find that it can be hard to find indie mens patterns. In particular I would like to buy the Qualicum bag pattern and revisit the Fairfield Shirt pattern.

Thanks for reading!

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