My New Sewing Machine!

For a while I had been considering investing in either a new sewing machine or an overlocker.

Whilst I knew they have very different functions, it took me a while to decide whether I would benefit more from the additional stitches of a more advanced sewing machine or an overlocker.

So after weighing up my options, I decided that a new sewing machine was the way to go!

My new machine is the Brother FS101, which I purchased on sale at Spotlight for $500 came with a $50 Spotlight voucher in the deal.

My old machine, the Brother JS1400, was a great little machine and I love it to bits but I felt like I needed it to do more. It was a mechanical machine and had some basic stitches and was operated using the foot pedal. It was very easy to use and I rarely had issues with it, however I felt it was about time that I looked into a more advanced machine.

Whilst I could have spent less on a computerised machine with fewer stitch options, I felt like it was a reasonable price and if I was going to spend the money, I might as well get a machine with all the bells and whistles, and I am glad that I did!

So far I am loving this new machine! It has heaps of stitch options, including 100 built in stitches and 55 character stitches. I have had a lot of fun playing around with the decorative and character stitches!

I was also quite impressed with the additional feet and accessories that came with the machine. It comes with a standard zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot and button fitting foot, as well as 4 bobbins, a seam ripper, a set of standard needles, a set of ballpoint needles, a twin needle, cleaning brush, an additional spool pin and multiple spool caps.

Perhaps these are just standard with more advanced machines, but I was impressed nonetheless.

The machine also comes with a foot pedal, which is of course optional as it is a computerised machine. The only thing I have struggled to get used to is not using my foot to control the speed!

So far I am quite happy with my new machine, and I would recommend this to both new and experienced sewists.

Check out my machine in action, including me programming in the word “hello” and then letting my machine work it’s magic!

Have you recently upgraded your machine? Or perhaps you recently bought your first machine? If so, comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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