2019 Make Nine

This is my first time participating in the Make Nine challenge and I am excited!

I feel like my choices for my Make Nine are a mix of basics, projects for other people, re-creations of pieces I have seen or own and love and work pieces. So if I am able to make them all I should be setting myself up for a wardrobe consisting primarily of handmade items in no time.

Neenah Turtleneck Top
This year I would like to make the Neenah dress into a top which I think would be perfect for layering in winter, I am hoping to find some nice striped jersey fabrics to make them out of.

Thread Theory Fairfield Shirt
This is a make that I am determined to complete this year because I have been talking about making my partner a shirt for such a long time and have never actually completed one, so I feel like I owe him! Perhaps this could be a project for April as a part of Selfless Sewing month.

T-shirt Dress
I have a blue striped jersey RTW t-shirt dress that I bought from Harris Scarfe earlier this year and I would love to try to replicate the dress so that I can make more because they are super comfy and I love the fit!

Corduroy Pinafore Dress
This is probably one of the makes I am most excited to make! I saw a pink corduroy pinafore in Dotti, however they didn’t have it available in my size so I am determined to recreate it. I think the Colette Lily or Sew Over It Rosie could be a good fit for this project with a few changes.

Pussy Bow Dress
I have wanted to make a pussy bow dress for such a long time and I think that 2019 should be the year I finally bite the bullet and make it! I think a few adaptations to the Sew Over It Florence Dress could be a good way to achieve this.

Floral Embroidered Dress
I don’t know if this project should really be in my Make Nine because I have actually made this dress before, however it was a birthday present for my sister not myself so I am keen to make another for myself. It is based on a dress that was sold at Dotti a few years ago.

Closet Case Carolyn Pajamas
I love pajamas as I am sure many people do! So this year I am determined to make myself a pair of Carolyn pajamas. I am mostly interested in the bottoms as I don’t think I would use the top all that much, however I think I should make the top at least once!

Closet Case Sophie Swimsuit
This year I would like to make a flattering swimsuit that fits me well for next Summer. I have chosen the Sophie swimsuit because I like the style of the full body swimsuit. I think it would look great in a black or navy and white polkadot, so fingers crossed I can find the right fabric!

Work Chinos
This year I would like to make a pair of black chinos for work because I have found that RTW work pants are either made from uncomfortable material, fit poorly or are expensive. I’m considering the Closet Case Sasha trousers, however I haven’t tried many of their patterns yet.

Those are my Make Nine plans for 2019. Let me know what you think of my choices in the comments, and what your 2019 plans are!

Thanks for reading!

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