April Update

This month I have been busy! In particular, I have spent a lot of time planning and preparing makes.

I think the reason behind my motivation this month is a combination of my new machine and a change in my sewing process.

I have started keeping track of my patterns, fabric, haberdashery and plans in Trello after hearing the idea in episode 3 of the Love to Sew podcast. When I heard this idea I thought what a great way to stay organised!

I still have a lot of stuff to add, and I need to add more detail, but it has really motivated me to use my stash instead of buying more fabric.

I have also finally stuck together the Closet Case Carolyn pyjama pattern and made myself a pair of pyjama pants. I made them out of a pink unicorn print flannelette fabric from Spotlight that I bought for the bargain price of $4 a metre!

I was excited to use the decorative stitches on my new machine so I hemmed them with a decorative stitch.

I am really happy with how these turned out. The only changes I would make would be to add ties so I can adjust the waist, and lengthen the legs because I shortened the pattern, but I think I would prefer them a little longer.

This month I was also keen to be involved in SOI’s Selfless Sewing Month. Whilst I didn’t follow the challenges set by the Sew Over It team, I decided to take the opportunity to finally make the t-shirts I promised my sister a few months ago!

I also decided this month that I would like to make more workwear items because whilst I have quite a few handmade items in my wardrobe, I haven’t really made many items that are suitable for work. I started with a leopard print Ogden Cami.

I was slow to adopt this pattern because I have never been a big fan of strappy tops, however it is now one of my favourites! I have made a few casual versions, however I think it is a really great pattern for work because they are so quick to whip up and can be made out of remnants!

I have also been busy making pillow cases this month! I don’t often make homeware items, however I found a really nice remnant in Spotlight that I thought would be perfect for a pillow case!

I have currently made 1 square pillow, and 1 tubular pillow which I need to stuff. I also have another square pillow case in progress.

I currently have several projects cut out and stored in ziplock bags ready be sewn together, so I am hoping to stay motivated in May!

I’d love to hear how you organise and plan your sewing, and how you keep yourself motivated, so let me know in the comments!

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