More Plantains!

Lately I haven’t had a lot of time to sew or write because I have been super busy! However, I did manage to make a few plantain t-shirts. This time only one was for me though because if you couldn’t already tell from my last post about the Plantain T-shirt pattern, I really don’t need more!

I made 3 t-shirts in total, two for my sister and one for me. They are made from the fabric that I mentioned a few posts back, which she kindly purchased.

Two of the t-shirts were made in a grey seagull print cotton spandex, and the other was made in a white floral cotton spandex.


The first seagull t-shirt in the picture above was the one that I made for myself which has a higher neckline and thicker neckband than the original pattern. When cutting out the pattern pieces, I just raised the neckline by placing an existing t-shirt over the of the front piece and cutting it to approximately the same place. I increased the size of the neckband by doubling the width when cutting.

As for the t-shirts for my sister, I made these exactly the same as the pattern, so no major adjustments were made.

For all three I did however decide to add an extra line of stitching below the neckband to make it sit flatter as I found this to be an issue in some of the other Plantains I have made.


Overall I am quite happy with the final result! I still have two more to make for my sister, however I felt like I needed a break from this pattern for a while.

I am hoping to get the chance to sew more soon and I hope to be posting more as a result!

Thanks for reading!

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