September Haul

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I have posted, I know I said I will hopefully be posting more in my last post but I just haven’t had the motivation to sew lately. I have made quite a few purchases lately though and I have also received a few sewing-related gifts because my birthday was in September! So fingers crossed that will motivate me to get back into it!


For my birthday, I received a gift voucher from my partner for my local sewing store, Spotlight. So naturally I had to go fabric shopping and it spend it all straight away!

With Summer coming up soon in Australia, I wanted some lightweight fabrics so I have been purchasing quite a lot of rayon. I haven’t got plans for my fabrics yet but I purchased 1.7m of the first floral rayon, 1.5m of the second, 3m of the third and the fourth and fifth were a remnants that I thought could make nice blouses.

I was excited to finally purchase 2m of a crepe that I have wanted for so long! I am really keen to make it into a dress for work. I also bought a crepe chiffon which was a really cheap remnant and it was so bright and happy that I just couldn’t resist!

Recently Spotlight had awesome sales on clearance fabric, so I managed to get 2m of silver sequin fabric and 1m of black sweater knit for $12! I can see the sequin fabric sitting in my stash for eternity because I wouldn’t even know where to begin but who can resist $4m for sequins!

As you might remember from my last fabric haul, I bought the Phoenix Blouse pattern from Hey June Handmade. I was instantly sold on this pattern when I saw the mustard version. So I purchased 3m of mustard cotton poplin. I suspect that the Hey June version was made in a linen, but I thought that I might possibly be able to achieve a similar result with cotton poplin, so fingers crossed!


In September I also purchased two stretch fabrics, the first a remnant khaki floral ponte knit which I am in the process of making into a dress, and the second, a cotton spandex with planets on it which I was so excited to buy!


In September, Spotlight also had some awesome sales on buttons so I bought 18mm timber buttons which I thought would look really nice on a Nina Lee Kew Dress. I also bought pale pink satin buttons, and velvet covered buttons in emerald, navy and red.

Sewing clips and a magnetic pin cushion are items that I have wanted for such a long time, but have always made excuses about buying. In September I finally convinced myself to buy both and I now can’t believe I didn’t have them sooner! I found the sewing clips on eBay for $4.18 and I found the pin cushion at Spotlight. I also purchased a rolled hem foot on eBay after a bit of research following the blouse I made with SOI Eve Dress sleeves. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of using it yet, but it only cost $1 and it is great quality.

The final September item was a gift for my birthday from my partner’s Mum, which is something I have needed for a long time, a new sewing box! It was nice to finally be able to replace the container I had just been throwing things in for years, and actually have compartments for everything! She also included needles, press studs, thread, and other haberdashery in the box, which I always need more of!

As you can probably tell, September was a very busy month for sewing purchases, but not for actual sewing. I am feeling more motivated to sew though, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more about my makes in October!

I’d love to know what you think of my September haul so let me know what your favourite item was in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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