Simple Sew Tania Top

In Winter I often find myself only wanting to make cozy and warm clothing, however those are often not the clothes that I gravitate towards when getting dressed to leave the house. So as a result, I have to push myself to use fabrics other than jersey and fleece!

Following a recent sewing fail after trying to make a Sew Over It Eve Dress to wear to my university graduation the night before (a pattern I have never used before I might add), I thought the best way to get back into using woven fabrics would be to start with something familiar.

So over the past week I have made two tops using the Simple Sew Tania Top pattern. This is a pattern I have made several times now. This is a great simple pattern with a keyhole neckline and bias binding ties and the best part is that it is another free pattern! Prior to my recent two makes, I have made this top twice before, both in poly cottons. You can check out my old Tania Tops below.

As for my new makes, I am really happy with one, but less so with the other. The first Tania Top I made this week was made in a wine coloured rayon. I wanted a simpler and more versatile style so I chose to remove the keyhole feature from this one which worked out very well.

I also made it sleeveless as I was restricted by the fabric because it was a remnant. I finished the neckline with the brown bias tape I had leftover from one of my original Tania Tops and finished the seams with pinking shears. The images below show the neckline and armhole binding, the shoulder seams, the hem, and one of the bodice darts.

As for the make that I am less happy with, this was made in a pale pink georgette fabric. This fabric was also a remnant. I wasn’t particularly attached to it since I purchased it because I have never worked with georgette before. After my experience with this fabric, I’m not sure if I will rush to purchase georgette again!

For this make I decided to again leave out the keyhole detail. Call me stubborn, but I also decided to use the flutter sleeves from the Sew Over It Eve Dress as I was determined to make this pattern work for me in some way!

After I attached the sleeves, I tried the top on and felt that something didn’t look quite right, so I decided to cut the neckline into a v neck. I finished the neckline with bias tape and I used french seams to finish the shoulder and side seams as well as the armholes.

Whilst I know that my french seams and darts aren’t the neatest, I am still pretty happy with the techniques used in the pink georgette Tania Top because it was my first time working with georgette and I am still surprised that it didn’t completely fall apart given how much that fabric frays!

I do however have a problem with how the top looks and I can’t quite figure out why. When cutting out the pattern pieces I added about 1cm to the shoulder and side seams as I knew I would be doing french seams. I suspect this may partly be a cause, particularly since I doubt that I stuck to the original seam allowance because of this.

I think that the sleeves look a bit odd on this top but that may be due to the fact that the shoulder seams extend beyond the tip of my shoulder. I also think that they are a bit longer than the style that I was going for.

Despite the issues I have with the pink georgette Tania top, I am really happy with the new skills and experience I developed through making this top. I am also really happy with the rayon Tania top that I made and will be making plenty more in future!

Let me know in the comments if you have made a Simple Sew Tania Top, and what you thought of the pattern!

Thanks for reading!

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