July and August Makes

Over the past 2 months I haven’t spent much time actually sewing, I have instead been sticking together patterns and working on other hobbies.

I did manage to complete a few projects though and I am happy to say that they were mostly new patterns that I hadn’t tried before.

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

After my previous unsuccessful attempt at making an Emery Dress in woven fabric, I decided to revisit this pattern and I chose to make it out of a hydrangea print quilting cotton that I have had in my stash for a while.

Instead of a gathered skirt, I decided to create a pleated skirt with 3 pleats on the front and 2 in the back.

Overall I am fairly happy with how this dress turned out. I think if I were to make this pattern again, I would make a few changes:
– Increase the back neckline darts
– Adjust the armholes and shoulder width for versions without sleeves
– Shorten the bodice
– Mark out the pleats after sewing together the bodice so that they match up better with the positioning of the darts

Hey June Handmade Phoenix Blouse

This was an entirely new pattern for me so I was excited to try it out.

I decided to make the blouse out of a mustard coloured cotton poplin – I was inspired by the sample on the Hey June website which looks like it is made out of a linen, but since I was unsure about the sizing I wanted to use a cheaper fabric.

I found the pattern instructions fairly easy to follow, the only part I struggled with was hemming the sleeves as there were a lot of curves.

I also chose to use a decorative stitch on the front and back yokes.

Overall I quite like the pattern and I would be keen to make it again, I will however need to cut out a size bigger next time as there is a lot of pulling where the blouse is too tight, particularly in the back.

Seamwork Neenah Turtleneck

I think that the Neenah pattern is actually a new favourite of mine. I chose to shorten the pattern into a top instead of making a dress as I thought I’d get more wear out of it that way.

I can’t really comment on the quality of instructions as it was a simple enough make that I didn’t really need to use them, but I really like the fit of this top and I would definitely make it again.

The fabric I used was a clearance jersey fabric a bought quite a while ago so I’m not exactly sure what it is, possibly a viscose or rayon jersey, but I absolutely love it. It is lightweight but also very soft and warm.

The only change I would make for future versions is that I would leave off the sleeve cuff and just hem the sleeves instead. I think I would also shorten the pattern more to stop at my hip so I don’t need to tuck it in.

Deer and Doe Plantain T-Shirt

This still remains one of my all time favourite patterns! I made yet another Plantain t-shirt.

This time I made the full length sleeve version out of a cotton-spandex jersey that my sister bought for me a last year.

At first I didn’t love how it turned out and I couldn’t quite figure out what the issue was, but I decided to crop the length and now I am happy with it. I think something about how it was originally made it look like pajamas in this fabric.

I am actually somewhat disappointed that I didn’t wait to cut this project out until I had tested the Seamwork Neenah because I actually think this fabric would’ve looked great as a Neenah.

Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjamas

My final make, which I only finished a few days ago, is a pair of Carolyn PJ shorts for my sister.

My sister loves Harry Potter, and I found some really cool Harry Potter print flannelette fabrics in Spotlight so I made her some PJ shorts.

I am really happy with how these turned out, and I think the shorts version of this pattern would be a great stash buster.

Thanks for reading!

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