A Bright and Bold Emery Dress


I live in Australia and it is currently Winter so the weather has generally been quite cold, however the past week has been particularly rainy and unpleasant. That’s why when I woke up to sunshine and warm weather today I had to go out!

The pleasant weather gave me the perfect opportunity to wear one of my latest makes out for coffee, the Christine Haynes Emery Dress.

But first, I have a bit of history with this pattern that I’d like to share first.

I have had this pattern for about 6 months now, and I was so excited when I first purchased it that I printed it out and stuck it together immediately. However upon making a toile I discovered it was 2 sizes too small.

As I’m not one for tracing patterns, this meant that I had to reprint and stick together the pattern in the correct size, something I wasn’t particularly thrilled about, therefore I put it off for quite a while.

More recently I attempted to make a version in the correct size. I decided to use one of my favourite fabrics, a sky blue cotton covered in dogs. I have had this fabric for a while and I loved it from the moment I saw it in the shop, but I wanted the right pattern before I used it, which is where the Emery Dress comes in.

However, my excitement got the better of me again so when I made a mistake whilst cutting out the pieces, I wasn’t left with enough fabric to make a dress. So the bodice of what was going to be an awesome sky blue dog print Emery Dress with a white Peter Pan collar now lives in my box of scrap fabric and incomplete projects. Who knows, maybe one day it will become a peplum top (I haven’t decided whether that would be cool or absolutely hideous yet. If you have any thoughts let me know!).


So back to the present!

The Emery Dress is intended for lightweight woven fabrics, however given my luck with that so far I figured perhaps making it in a stretch fabric would be worth a try.

The fabric I made it out of is quite stretchy, I’m not sure what it is as it was a remnant, however I suspect it might be spandex or lycra as it feels quite similar to swimwear. This meant that I had to size down, so I used the original size I had cut out.

I kept the side bust darts in the front bodice, and the shoulder darts in the back, however decided to use elastic for shaping at the waist instead of darts. I also increased the size of the darts in the shoulders as I found that the dress gaped at the back on my previous versions. I also stabilised the shoulders using ribbon and I finished the seams with pinking shears as this fabric doesn’t fray.

I originally thought this dress would be better suited to Summer, however the mix of light and dark colours makes it suitable for all seasons in my opinion. This dress is really comfortable, and goes well with or without tights. Today I wore it with black tights, black leather ankle boots and a leather jacket.

For such a long time I haven’t known what to do with this fabric because it is such a bright and bold print, but I am so happy with how it turned out! I think that this pattern works well for stretch fabrics and I plan to make plenty more. I also hope to successfully make this pattern in a woven fabric also.

If you have made this pattern let me know about your experience.

Thanks for reading!

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