A Smart Elsie Dress

Earlier this week I made a dress! If you couldn’t guess from the title, it is an Elsie Dress from Sew Over It.

This is a pattern I am quite familiar with and have successfully made several times in the past, therefore I felt confident mixing things up a bit. So I made the Elsie Dress in a combination of grey jersey and some left over black ribbing I had. Now I know this probably sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually turned out surprisingly well!

I did make some changes to the pattern, including making a gathered skirt instead of a pleated skirt. I also added sleeves from the Deer and Doe Plantain T-Shirt (I may be a bit obsessed). The biggest change though is the use of stretch fabric instead of woven fabric. The pattern recommends heavier weight woven fabrics, partly due to the pleats, however since I didn’t use the original skirt pattern, this didn’t seem to be a problem.

I made this dress for two reasons.

The first being that I had small amounts of both the grey jersey and the black ribbing that couldn’t really be made into a project on their own. I could have made them into skirts or a t-shirt but I’m not a huge fan of skirts and I certainly don’t need any more t-shirts!

The other reason being that I feel like my wardrobe could do with having more smart handmade clothing. It is not often that I buy neutral or plain fabrics, so it seemed like a missed opportunity to use this fabric to make a casual item.

Whilst I would consider this project a success, there are a few issues I have with it. First of all, I didn’t bother sizing down with this project, therefore the waist is slightly looser than I’d normally go for. I also found that the neckline was a little bit low because I had chosen finish it by folding it over rather than creating a facing and lining; this also caused problems with the zip insertion as I didn’t lower the zip enough to match up with the neckline at the back, meaning that it is slightly higher at the back near the zip.

Despite the issues, I am happy with the result and there is nothing that a belt and cardigan or blazer can’t fix!

Thanks for reading!


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